• The two last images from last weekend when we ate dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Stockholm, Farang and spent the night at Miss Clara in an amazing room with this view, the window. 

    The top image is from home, I finally got my classmate’s (Viktor Sundström) horn up on the wall and placed it together with my other classmate’s (Sanna Trotsman) magazine hangers. 

  • Collage I made with inspiring textures in architecture and materials. Via

    Tadao Ando, Carlo Scarpa, Herzog & De Meuron, Mimi Jung, Lumen et Umbra, Some/Things

  • My love for leather as material, and the textures leather has. For me it’s important that materials I use in both my own work and products that I might buy are made in a long lasting material. And when I started to produce my leather hangers it was important to find leather that was vegetable tanned here in Sweden. I then found Tärnsjö Tannery and got to see the whole process at their factory. I love how the leather ages naturally, and that you can see the signs of it. Both in the leather getting darker, and in spots and marks it might get when using a hanger, a bag, a pair of shoes or a jacket. Take care of your things! (Leather Care)

    Images: Via.