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  • A couple of weeks ago, the day before our official releaseparty at Dusty Deco we had a pre-release with our paper company Antalis. It's was more of a presentation of the magazine and we did some talking (mostly Sandra) about how we started the magazine and how we came about to do the print issues. It was super nice, a bit scary to talk in front of people but over all I hade a great time :)
    Wearing Baum ind Pferdgarten as I often do.

    Love, Michaela Myhrberg
  • The never-ending search for a sofa. If you have any tips, let me know.

    Tags: Sofa, Inspo, Search.
    Love, Michaela Myhrberg
  • We finally had our releaseparty! It was held at lovely Dusty Deco. Dusty's a independent vintage furniture shop in Hornstull, they only sell cool designer stuff, very tasteful. If you like design and art this is the shop for you. I love it. The evening went great, I was so happy to see so many friends in the same spot at the same time :) Wearing Baum und Pferdgarten.

    Love, Michaela Myhrberg