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  • This is one of my favorite features that I've styled so far. Created for OD.M number 2. We actually sell both issue 1+2 (and of course 3) in our webbshop, you should check that out.

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    Love, Michaela Myhrberg
  • Trying to get the courage to cut my hair. Last time I cut bangs I promised myself to never do it again, but now I might… I'm also trying to get the courage up to let my sister and Meghan do it in some kind of weird collab since my hairdresser Alejandro moved to London and I don't know what to do with it, with it I'm referring to the hair. There's a few more styles to be seen here

    Love, Michaela Myhrberg
  • For those of you who haven’t read the latest issue of OD.M yet, I wanted to show you the Baum und Pferdgarten feature that I wrote about earlier. My sister Sandra Myhrberg shot the images, I styled the shoot and Catherine Lehtonen did hair & make up on the terrific model Monika K from Elite. We kept on telling her to look a bit tired, “Monika, look like you’ve got a hangover” like an overslept housewife from the 60s, and it turned exactly as we wanted. I often use the term modern-retro in my work. Wonderful Jade D’econzac Mbay did the interview with the Baum crew in Copenhagen. So, if you haven’t gotten your hands on the mag yet (which you should, it will be sold out soon), you can buy it in the Odalïsque Magazine Shop, we also just started selling prints which you should check out too. The shop is a growing project that I just started and that I will tell you more about later. 

    Love, Michaela Myhrberg