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  • Press days are over. I had so much work this week so I could only do showroom visits yesterday. One of my favorite spots at the moment is Assefa Communications. They have such lovely showroom and some great clients to expose. Showroom news are Ida Klamborn and 2ndday. Whyred and Rika are still there and of course Jane Koenig who does these cute magnetic ear jewelry things. I often use them in my shoots.

    Love, Michaela Myhrberg
  • Beetle drawing. Making those dots takes a while.

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    Love, Michaela Myhrberg
  • Arda, Dahlia, Meghan and I have been working on some images for the new shop and now they're finally up :) We are going to feature small independent brands that we like, so the shop won't be a giant marketplace thing, more like selected pieces with great quality and value. The first artist we feature is Malin Henningsson who makes all of the jewelry herself, it's all very unique and very beautiful. In the shop you can of course also buy all of the issues of OD.M and selected prints from the prited magazine. Go directly to the shop here.

    Arda shot the images and I did hair & make up on our model Linnea who came all the way from Skåne to be on the shoot.

    Love, Michaela Myhrberg