I´ve been organizing an arhcive with art books all day. Not the most exiting thing to do to be honest, but looking through some of them I found some interesting and inspirational things. A book that really caught my eye was a Terence Koh book, with stills from his performance at the exhibiton God in 2007. Black and white, powerful and really raw images. I´ve been searching for this pictures online with no success. Found the video though, which you really should see! See the link below.

This week I´m really looking forward to thursday, when the new art museum Artipelag is opening. It´s located out on Värmdö, 20 minutes outside of Stockholm by bus. The building is supossed to be even bigger then the Museum of modern art in Stockholm to its size. I don´t know what to expext from the exhibition that is opening but I think they will be mixing art from different movements and styles, working more with themes, which can be really interesting!

Love, Ellen Björkman