all photos by Irish photographer Hannah Starkey!
More of her work:

I’m up early today cleaning the apartment while listening to Soul clap..very loud. My boyfriend Mike who has been away in Copenhagen over the weekend is coming home today and it’s his birthday. I wish I was a good cook, then I’d definitely make him a nice dinner… but with my cooking skills its wiser to buy something instead. Today is also Mother’s day so I have two loved ones to celebrate. Tomorrow I’m picking up my prints from Crimson. My photographs are going to be 50x70 in size. I’m so nervous that something will go wrong and I won’t have the time to get the printed out again before the exhibition. fingers crossed they will look perfect. I’m also picking up my frames tomorrow. the ones I bought last week didn’t look professional/expensive enough according to one of my teachers… so I had to order other ones haha.

Love, Ina Nederdal