Swedish JJ released their new album V (with a very intergalatic sound) yesterday. I've been listening to V for about a week now and also got a chance for a mini Q&A with the music duo.
MM: Tell me, what have you guys been up to lately?
JJ: Rocking and rolling. Loving. Dancing. Singing. Making. Crying. Smiling. Dissappearing. Kissing. Letting go. Fucking hard. Making love. Drinking. Smoking. Walking. Talking. Passing out.
MM: What's different with the new album if you'd compare it to earlier releases? 
JJ: It's more. It's lighter. So many versions of ourselves from 7 years of time in every song. If everything else was 100. This is 300.
MM: How do you keep evolving your music?
JJ: Evolutionaires. You let go. You trust. You love. You give. You forget. You don't know. You do. You let it take over you.
MM: Do you have a favorite song on the new record?
JJ: No.
MM: What's on your Spotify queue right now?
JJ: Elin says Kranium. I don't have Spotify.
MM: What's happening in the future?
JJ: Everything. And more. A part of me is already there. It's a blast. Perfect.
They also sent me some Emoji's in the end but unfortunetly they don't function on our website, but, they consisted of a cloud, a magician's hat, an alien, namaste hands and a pink heart. ♥. Very spiritual and dreamy.
Best tracks All White Everything & Inner Light.
Written by Michaela Myhrberg
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