Last year when I visited Paris during the fashion week I went to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and saw the exhibition “Dries van Noten - Inspirations”. Right now the exhibition are shown at the MoMu Fashion Museum in Antwerp, the city where Dries was born. So I just wanted to share these very crappy iPhone pictures I took a year ago (it was so dark in there I barely could see my shoes).

It was such a nice exhibition, since I’m really a fan of Dries (and all of the other cool kids in the Antwerp 6 as well) I felt very blessed - and that feeling just escalated when I realized that Bill Cunningham was walking a few steps behind us * starstrucked *.

And then when I stood face to face with this amazing pink and yellow feather dress I just wanted to cry because it was so close but yet so far away!!!! So instead of seeing a picture of me dressed in this flowing creation I give you Julia Nobis from the fall 13 collection.

Love, Felicia Eriksson