Some more favorites from LFW:

The blue and white printed coat with a golden zipper paired with a patterned pant which I choose to call “grandfather meets the psychedelic lazy boy” and the fine black woven leather sandals makes this look a 10 (even thought I’m a bit skeptical towards the blue print on his stomach)

Matthew Miller
Actually I’m really tired of all these denim clothes with fringed ends, stiff fabrics and over-size models á la BACK, that style never appealed to me. But then I saw this? I don’t know but I suddenly changed my mind about denim? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not a fan of the look mentioned before but this is something else. The blue fabric is floating around the body and it seems to be so light. The different layers and all the wrinkles makes this look… soft? Maybe I should invest in something blue for the summer since (so far in this fw report) my subconscious seems to like it? I don’t even think I own a blue garment?????? Except for a dress I only wore three times because it was too transparent. Anyway, I would wear the two looks from Matthew Miller without any hesitation.

Tiger of Sweden
I’m a bit ambivalent towards Tiger of Sweden because of the genre they often placing themselves in (business, tailoring, classics) but from time to time they create something that I enjoy seeing. Like this outfit for example, I really need that one in my life on my body in my wardrobe? Really hoping for the cloudy black and white backdrop to be included.


Love, Felicia Eriksson