So here it is, a pretty unpretentious yet beautiful collection made by Galliano for Margiela. Despite my doubtful feelings I had for this shift in the beginning I really have to admit that he’s doing a good job. That’s something you can’t blame the man for. The fact that he’s not joining the catwalk at the end of the shows prove he’s respect and thoughtfulness for the brand (or maybe both him and the audience need some time to get some routine on this). But Galliano, you’ve got my approval to embrace the ending applause.

The first two looks were perfect in all its simplicity. Accessorized very well with boots sprinkled with golden rivets and perfectly shaped sunglasses made these first looks impeccable. The fire orange color, the shiny fabrics, the sandals and the blue long leather coat are great. The tight sheer tops looks like being made of plastic melted directly on the models bodies. The white paint and images arranged as a collage adds to the feeling of the good ol’ Margiela days.

Love, Felicia Eriksson