If I would share one thing-to-do while visiting Berlin (except for having drinks at Konrad Töntz bar in Kreuzberg) is to make a stop at the amazing concept store called Darklands at Heidestrasse 46 - 52.

If you’re - like me - into expensive, black avant garde pieces this is the place to be. Its pretty tricky to find the way to the store so don’t panic when you’re entering a modest industrial area, just follow the signs that says “darklands 4.0”.

The walls are covered in white, clothes are hanging from the ceiling and the minimalistic music are pumping out of the speakers. The staff are very helpful (they showed us some new jewelry that just arrived to the store, “they are inspired by the interior found in Rick Owens home”) and dressed head to toe in black uniforms á la Boris Bidjan Saberi.


Love, Felicia Eriksson