Here’s a few things I’ve been up to lately, except for writing essays about Baudelaire and de Beauvoir:

  • Took at train to my bestie Emma in Falun. We had wine, talked and I got to meet her classmates, which is always nice. Soon they will think I’m a part of their class because I’m so good at “blending in”. But the main reason for this visit was to dive into the deep dark forest to go to a party hosted by Gruvfrun. Amazing visuals and amazing music and the forest was filled with small installation like these neon blue strings and a flashing deer lamp. Hands up for Gruvfrun!
  • Did a show for Wella and they turned me into a brunette which is kinda exciting but I’m going to their salon tomorrow again to go back to blond. It was fun for a while tho.
  • Went to some opening for an art exhibition with my long lost favorite Josefin and had free beers.
  • The model girl of my dreams Saba after the show. My Wella family is the best and we danced at podiums to Snoop Dog.
  • Post-catwalk-me in the middle of the night with heavy makeup feelin’ faaabolous.

Soon I’m off to APLACE for a shoot, hope you all having a great day.

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Love, Felicia Eriksson