This weekend me and some friends went to Copenhagen. Our first stop were Louisiana and the two exhibitions going on, Yayoi Kusama and Africa - Architecture, Culture & Identity. I like the exhibtion about Africa very much, the mix of things, the architectural parts and I fell in love with a very expensive book about a building that I regret I didn’t buy. Then the exhibiton with Yayoi Kusama. So crowded, but very fun to see more of her spatial work. And for my friend Emma who loves patterns and her work, it was great I think. Yesterday we went to Glyptoteket with no expectations, and I actually felt blown away because of all the architectural and spatial qualities. The building and the interior spaces together with the sculptures. I loved the color palette together with the materials and shapes. That was in my opinion the best moment during this weekend. And I can recommend everyone to go there when in Copenhagen next time. 

Love, Mathilda Clahr