One day left until deadline, stayed printing my large scale print outs until 2 am. And now getting ready to prepare everything for tomorrow’s presentation. As I have no time informing about other things I add some more of my previous/on going work. Hope you enjoy! 


When I was walking around Slussen I focused on the peeling layers of how it used to be; the remains of spaces, colours and materials that once created a whole.

In this project I wanted to capture a moment of today, my memory of Slussen, the feeling of fragility, and the notion of Slussen peeling of itself. Fragments of peeling layers of colour are my Spolia. Layers resulting from a chemical process, aging with time.

I felt that the peeling colour fragments captured that fragile feeling, and somehow summed up my own relationship to Slussen, that without notice something is gone, or shifting into a new phase.

By transforming this spatial shape into a monument of Slussen, I want to make a tribute to my remembrance of this moment in time, adding yet another layer.

Love, Mathilda Clahr