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Bohemian living in Birkastan in a small flat crowded with clothes, shoes and fashion magazines. Previous archaeologist now working my way in the fashion business. You'll  probably find me hanging out at local bars. I love wine and colorful eclectic outfits. 

Contact: [email protected] 

Instagram: @frktornblom

Hope you are fine! 

Personally I'm mostly trying to recover from my back-related injury.  My old lady neighbor was hospitalized last week and since I have no life and no specific plans I accepted the request to water her flowers. The other day I had to deliver the news of death. The flowers had so to speak… “blossomed on to the other side”.  

I am simply useless with plants, once I had a cactus who died after only one week. Guess I'm better with non-living things. I mean then there's no risk for killing anything. Sometimes when I'm bored, I can suffer a sudden desire to create something. I'm completely useless when it comes to making clothes from scratch, but I'm often buying old vintage garments and adjust them to make them more fun and unique. For example, I attached a fluffy tulle detailj on this rather boring sweater. Also wearing Marc Jacobs skirt, vintage clutch, and sandals från Windsor Smith. 

Photos: Kevin Nivek Gonzalez 

Love, Karin


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