Summer is soon to be over and so is my pregnancy :) Well, it’s not really over tomorrow but it feels soon to me. Baby V is now 30 weeks old which means there’s just a little more than two months to go. My original due date was the 28 of September (my birthday) but my midwife changed it to the 15th of October so I’m hoping the little one will arrive somewhere between those dates. When I first got pregnant I was having a conversation with Carido about what I could wear during the summer. The overall is a classic for preggos so we went looking for a pair while on our engagement trip to Amsterdam. I found these ones at a second hand store on one of the “8 Streets”. At the time when I bought them I thought they looked gigantic. Turns out they fit perfectly. The turtleneck is from J.Lindeberg, on sale now.

Love, Michaela Widergren