Trying not to turn this into a baby blog is surprisingly hard. Sorry folks. Since the due date is closing up it is hard to focus on other things. I got these tiny baby Vans the other day. They're hand me downs from baby Ozzy, my brothers youngest child. So cute and totally unnecessary (since toddlers obviously can't walk) but still very cute. This last week Carido and I have been prepping the apartment. We now have a livingroom rug (crawl friendly), a changing table, a rug in the hallway that the stroller can stand on... a baby nest. Well, pretty much everything except the actual stroller and the baby bed. And we washed all of the baby clothes. I have about one big IKEA bag of clothing since my sister and brother have been such great baby clothing hoarders :) I'm very lucky to have five kids in the family already so I don't have to buy everything. It was really nice going through the clothes because I could remember which child who had worn which clothes... I could see Dante, my sisters son, in his little brown vest, so cute. Can't believe he's 11 years old already.

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