Such a bummer that I totally forgot about Copenhagen fashion week and didn’t went there because the minute I realized that the week was in full bloom I started to miss Victoria and Copenhagen and the feeling of being lost in a dark and cold industrial area trying to find the location for the Han Kjøbenhavn show. Anyway, thank god for the World Wide Web.

Han Kjøbenhavn
Really nice colors. Plus I really like those shiny sporty pants? Fantastic outwear as well. Definitely always the highlight of this fashion spectacle.

Barbara í Gongini
Just kidding, this is 100% the highlight of the week. I love Barbara í Gongini and its so refreshing to be able to see something thats not as Scandinavian, cool, glossy (healthy fresh skin with highlighter lol) uptight and ~ clean ~ GIVE ME BLACK LAYERED FABRICS AND DIRTY FACES INSTEAD THAT’S ALL I’M ASKING FOR

Lala Berlin
Yes, Lala Berlin is showing in Copenhagen and probably presents the most accomplished dress during the CPH FW. Honestly, I’m not a dress person but this is just perfection and that black bag is everything.


Love, Felicia Eriksson