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Bohemian living in Birkastan in a small flat crowded with clothes, shoes and fashion magazines. Previous archaeologist now working my way in the fashion business. You'll  probably find me hanging out at local bars. I love wine and colorful eclectic outfits. 

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Instagram: @frktornblom

The annual fashion week always evokes thoughts inside me. I have to admit that I love fashion. I love to express myself through clothing, shapes and colors. I don't dress up twice a year at Fashion Week, fashion and the way I dress has great impact on my everyday life. I can see fashion everywhere, in people at any age and size and I find fashion in a lot of different contexts. For me, fashion is a creative way of living and the fun thing about this is that fashion can be found almost everywhere! 

I feel like fashion, as shown at Fashion Week, becomes so shallow and narrow. Almost everone looks the same and it's so important who you are and not the least, who you know.  When I'm scrolling at websites presenting the Fashion Week streetstyle and reads reports from the “fashion experts”, it feels like almost everyone looks and thinks the same. I have to admit that the “fashion elite” rarely inspire me. 

I don't want to appear as a grumpy old lady (well.. ehm. well…) but to feel inspired, I need to see fashion from a broader perspective. One good thing about fashion week, however,  is that it always makes me feel I want to create something. It creates an urge to stand out, to do my own thing, go for the unexplected, play around with colors, combine styles, mix old and new and use fashion not only as clothes but also as an art tool. Now I'm mostly into creating funny headgear and jewelry but soon I'm going to Paris, where I plan to find a lot of vintage to remake. I want to dig deeper into mixing materials, patterns and colors and I really want to work more on layering! 

Let the creative fashion game begin! 

Love, Karin