I'm in the middle of week 34, so there's a little less than six weeks to go. By the end of the week the baby's weight will be almost 2,5 kilos and around 45 cm long. That's a lot of baby :) Almost fully grown. I'm really starting to feel big now, not very flexible these days. Picking up stuff from the floor is getting difficult and putting on shoes is kinda hard. I'm reading a really good book about giving birth which is called “Att Föda”. I strongly recommend it, has pretty much all the info there is. I've also read “Föda utan Rädsla” and last Sunday Carido and I went to the FUR Profylax course. That was great, especially for Carido I think. From what I've read I've learned it's important that the partner knows what's expected of him or her during the birth. After going to the course (5 h) I feel calmer and more secure that Carido will know what to do when its time. I mean, I can imagine that a lot of women do most of the reading and information gathering, since we're the ones pregnant. But it's important that the partner feels as if he or she is included since giving birth should be a teamwork. For me it's very important that Carido will be strong and confident during the birth and also that he knows what's going on since it seems to be a long (and a bit scary) process ;) If you're interested going to the same course we did you will find it here.

I'm wearing a shirt dress from the J.Lindeberg AW16 collection.

Love, Michaela Widergren