If you read my last blogpost (about the Cute Bunny) you might have seen a hint of this poster on the wall. Carido, my mom and I visited the Louisiana museum in Denmark during the summer and we'd been looking for new stuff to hang on the walls so we took a browse of what they had in the museum shop. Carido actually had to convince me that we should have the poster and I'm very happy he did because it fits perfectly over baby V's changing table. If you're in the Copenhagen area don't hesitate to visit Louisiana it's a great place for modern and contemporary art. Also the museum building itself is very special and it has a nice big garden just by the water with installations and sculptures. The Poul Gernes exhibition isn't over until the 16th of october so there's still time to see it. You can check out the museum and the shop here.

Love, Michaela Widergren