There's been a slight delay on the weekly belly update. Entering week 36 in two days...! Today it's 36 days left until the big date. Of course you never know with babies, they can come both early or late. I'm hoping she'll arrive on the 27th of September since that was my dads birthday, if that would happen it would be very special.
I'm having a really hard time to understand how my belly (and body in general) is suppose to get even bigger. It kinda feels like I'm going to burst any moment now. Let's hope she's not one of those who's always late.
The dress is newly in from H&M, it's not a maternity dress, it's from the regular collection. I know I will probably only be able to wear it for 4-5 weeks but I have about 0 outfits that I can fit in at the moment, so it was worth it. Sometimes you need to indulge a little (if you can call shopping at H&M indulge).

Love, Michaela Widergren