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As you probably haven't missed O  and I bought an apartment in Paris. Unfortunately we haven’t been abel to bee there as much as we want because of job here in Stockholm.
I think it's so difficult to decide exactly how you want the interior etc I alway begin in the wrong end. Especially when you have the chance to do exactly what you want and without taking any furniture from the previous apartment, because we will still have the apartment in Stockholm too. Like starting a whole new life or it pretty much is.
The entire apartment has typical French hardwood floor everywhere except the bathroom that we in the current situation going to do a shade darker, but it will be after we have painted walls. I think it’s fresh to paint everything when others have lived there before so it really feel like yours. 
We talked about painting some of the walls in a “Paris blue” color. Perhaps it will look absolutely crazy to have it in the house, but I have seen the perfect “Paris blue” color on gates and walls around in Paris and think it is so pretty.
Love, Jahwanna Berglund