11 days left until the big date, 15th of October :) But no baby in sight yet. I had my hopes up that she might be a September baby (like myself) but how wrong was I? Typical for first time mothers hoping the baby will arrive early... Since all of my preparations are pretty much done I'm starting to feel restless. I've read three books (Att föda utan rädsla, Att föda, Att möta förlossningssmärtan), gone to pregnancy yoga, profylax course, information meeting at the hospital and I've googled to much. "The bag" is packed and I think we have all of the baby stuff necessary. What if she's two weeks late and becomes a November baby?! Time will tell... So what to I do all day? I do a lot of lunches with friends, long walks along the water in Hornstull, at least four hours of drawing, reading the paper, blogging ;) listening to podcasts and music. I've always wondered what retired people do with their time, now I know. And today it's the official cinnamon bun day in Sweden so I might do some baking. #housewife
I have about three outfits possible to wear at the moment, stretchy dresses are the best, this is an oldie from BACK.

Love, Michaela Widergren