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Bohemian living in Birkastan in a small flat crowded with clothes, shoes and fashion magazines. Previous archaeologist now working my way in the fashion business. You'll  probably find me hanging out at local bars. I love wine and colorful eclectic outfits. 

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This morning i woke up early (happens like once a year) and since I had nothing to do I watched the morning TV. The subject was style, mixing patterns and “rules” regarding this subject.  Apparently these issues caused great uncertainty. The reporter absorbed gratefully all the stylist's tips and exclaimed, “Oh, what a relief, now we'll avoid making mistakes!”. I looked skeptically at the TV and for some seconds I couldn't decide if this was a comedy built on subtle irony (which I probably was too newly awake to comprehend) then but then realized that it was probably for real. The stylist went on showing images of “successful” and “less successful” outfits and about then I decided to turn off the TV.

I got dressed, without regarding one single stylist rule. I felt almost anarchistic when glancing in the mirror and did a quick calculation of all the faults that possibly happened to slip by. Then I went out, feeling rather great! 

Wearing H&M jacket, top and gloves, vintage hat, Marc Jacobs bag and sunnies and Rodebjer pants. 

Photos: Kevin G Lobos 

Love, Karin