Found this old pic from fashion week 2014 shot by super nice street photographer Sima Korenovski and I miss my hair like this but Im not enough patient to let it grow and wants to change hairstyle a lot but specially dye different color all the time so typical ADHD!!!!! A couple months after this pic was taken I bleached it in the hairsaloon(which I never do I dont even have my hair cut there sooo expensive?? its much more worth to do it in UK than in Sweden. At the barber shops here it only cost 9£ so cheap?! I think I paid like 1500 kr in Sweden(130-140£ something I’m not really sure how the currency is now) and it got orange, and now I really mean ORANGE! So they day after I went back really mad(I was too shy to say what I felt the day before however I went back) and said that they are shit and that they have to bleach it again. They put in a toner so it got a bit more colder but in fact it looked green??? But I was like whatever I’m gonna do it at home by myself for 49 kr instead and voila!, it went platinum blonde! Cant upload any pics of it because Odalisque don’t allow me to… something about the format? I cant blog as much as I would like to do if it doesnt allow me to!? :(
Love, Sackarias Stenius