Fell in love with almost the whole new collection by Acne Studios, first time in a long time a think I liked so many items. These are just a few examples of what I would like to put on my wishlist. Some of the skirts, trousers, shoes and jackets have really amazing details and materials that really caught my attention. The only really bad thing, and maybe good is that I am still a student. Which I have embraced lately, not buying as much stuff as I used to. Only the things I really want, and if you think about it, it is not always the same thing as what I am in need of. But, a skirt or shoes that I could use for a long time, is maybe nothing wrong. I really embrace that what you buy should last for a long time. I mainly use old clothes, and it actually feels good to say that I've had some of my favorite things for years. Same thing with my home, I am absolutely sick of things sometimes, or tired of things. But I can't really just buy new things out of boredom. I just have to live with my choises I have made through the years, and I mostly love my things in my home as they have stayed with me for quite some time now. And I can really envy people who are true to themselves in the way the decorate their homes with things they have collected in the past, it just makes the impression of the home stronger. A kind of atmosphere that can move you in a way. 

Acne Studios have also updated their site

Love, Mathilda Clahr