I know I know, ANOTHER museum post.. 

Decided to visit the Uffizi Gallery one last time before I leave Florence for good. I've been there before, but the last time I went was about a year ago when I was doing a summer program here before going into my Masters, and I was hungover and did the entire museum (keep in mind this museum takes some time to get through) in around 45 minutes. Ahh, the good life of being on summer holidays..

The past few weeks have been an ultimate frenzy of stress and poor time management… Finals are coming up and it's on the same day as my graduation. 

I feel like I've been interning again. Except this time instead of carrying bags filled with clothes, it's carrying my school bag filled with my laptop, chargers and samples of papers for the printers. 

Had to get my head out of the work, and look for some Florence artistic inspiration. 

I've attached some of my favorite artworks below. Sorry if the resolution is low, sometimes an iPhone isn't enough. Especially for this kind of art. 

If you are ever in Florence (put it on your bucket list immediately), this museum is A MUST

And if you haven't seen my instagram story (@dahliacelestina) there are some other images and little videos as well. :) 

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! 

Love, Dahlia Celestina