Someone told me the other day, "The first three months you just have to get through". I wish that someone had told me that before the first two months was over. Mostly when you hear parents talk about the first months it sounds like a vacation (now I'm exaggerating, but you know what I mean). You've probably heard things like "babies sleep all the time" and let me reassure you that that isn't true for all babies. My baby is very much awake :) And she gets bored. How can a two month old get bored you might wonder, well apparently they can. So I've set up different stations in our apartment. We have the baby gym, the baby sitter, the baby bed, the baby's parents arms and lying on the dining table looking at the christmas star in the window. Mostly she prefers mine or Carido's arms. Why sit still when you can be carried around exploring the apartment? I also think she might like getting her picture taken... :) And as you might see in he pictures, this is a very much awake girl.
Vesper is wearing all Newbie and the little bunny's from NK kid's department.

Love, Michaela Widergren