Casting metal truly is alchemy.

As I encounter my new phase of jewelry, whilst applying for local grant funding to scale my businesses and to sustain the substance (which is already quite the process), I have been journeying through the process of working on my new phase of work. For me this process looks like casting metallic worlds, in this case it's the tile-like objects - studying them, and then making them wearable. 

Each one has its own world on its surface.

I have also been studying the Helical Theory of our solar system, gravity, the lotus-eaters, atlanteans - 

but these textures are among their own source of beauty.

As 2016 comes to a close, I am focusing my energy on setting intention for the New Year:

Selling the shadow to sustain the substance which means delving into the depths of oneself in order to create the great work.

Trusting the process.

Creating the world one wishes to see; if it doesn't exist then create it.

And above all, being committed to focusing on the ultimate purpose. 

I have always been a creator, making beautiful talismans with transformational purpose(s) by hand, and each day is a fufillment toward that one path.

And within that one path, many exist.

Trust the process.  


Love, Karissma Yve