It's Sunday and I got a lot of course litterature to read though, so I'm not feeling as relax as one should on a Sunday. But my plan is to go to the stable in the afternoon. I always find it very good for your mind to spend time in the stable. It's like meditation, the horse is quitet but in a way still answer your questions. The communication and connection together with your horse is something magical. And sometimes all you need is a peacefull moment and you feel charged and ready to take on the challanges of a new week.

Right now I'm taking a course about politic and media- and the relationship between, as well as medias part in todays democracy. I find it very interesting and also very relevent in times like this. I mean, the other day when I passed by the international part of the universitylibrary (where they have papers from countries all over the word) I noticed that 8 newspaper out of 10 had the frontpage covered with the weirdest blonde weave.. Yes Trump is everywhere. And It has become even more clear to us that we live in a globalized word. The US policy is affecting us, even as far north as Sweden. Because Internet is removing the distans between countries and its people. It has also become clear to me that it is even more important to unite together for human rights, gender equality, animal rights, climate change etc. I think media many times makes one think that it is only awfull things going on in our society, because we often build ourself a reality from the picture that media is sending us. And that picture is often negative because that's what sells. But I think social media and digital media is a superpowerful tool that we can use, and people do use, to unite and to make the world a better place. Internet is a platform for understadning and accepting eachothers differences and aswell as similarities. 

And to return to that Sundays are made for watching a movie, I would like to recommend you to watch the documentery Before the Flood. It is about the climate change and the consequences we are about to face if we're not starting to make more changes.  It makes me so frustrated to se how welcoming Barack Obama were about making changes (picture above, from the movie). I mean can you even imagine Trump having a conversation about climate change and shaking hands with Leo? 

But hey, the good thing is that we are many people that care for eachother, and I think happenings like The Woman's march is such a big step in the right direction. More girl power!  And  let's be more kind to eachother, after all it's the coolest thing one can be.

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Love, Amanda Kristofersson