Goodmorning. I'm curious, what morning routins do you usually have?

I always start my day with a breakfast, usually on weekdays I make oatmeal with some nice toppings. Today I had walnuts, agavesyrup and a splash of organic oatmilk. While eating, I like to listen to a podcast or watch an episode of the tv-serie I'm currently watching. I miss Stranger things so badly, haha. looking forward to season 2 this summer! And SKAM. You guys, it's an norweigan tv-serie but I think you can find it with english subtitles, it's so god. I didn't think I would fall for it, considering it to be a teenagerdrama. But hey, now me and my friends even have start to speak in norweigan, one night when we went out we couldn't stop talking in norweigan and when we went to the studentpub they were even playing music from the series. Like Sweden has gone totally skamobsessed. And also it's kind of funny, I've heard so many times that I look like Noora. I don't know about that, but I would'nt mind being her, she's totally kickass and grlpwr. Anyway, right now I'm not watching any series, which is kind of good because it would make less time for things I actually have to do.. like studying to my exam this week. Work is calling.. I'll hope you'll have a nice monday. And if your'e not having a good one, remember that you can just call the day a Drittsekk* and wait for Friday and the weekend to come.

Tags: Breakfast.
Love, Amanda Kristofersson