I usually start the day with breakfast and checking the news. Apparently Trump had said like “Look what happened in Sweden yesterday” in a speech. And the mystery is, what the hell is he talking about? Nobody knows. Not even Trump I guess. But you don't have to be Sherlock to assume that it's just all a lie.

There is a lot of so called “fake news” today, yes we live in an information society, but also the amount of fake news is increasing. Media is not equal to news, so therefore I think we have to be a bit extra careful not to believe everything that we read. Especially when liars like Trump opens his mouth. Anyway, fake news has always been an issue though times, for creating and retain structures in society. It's all about power, and the one that has power over the news can also have power over peoples image of reality and the world we live in. Internet fake news can be dangeraously easy to spread trough a simple click on the “share button”, but Internet is also amazing because it opens up for discussion and reflection. And that's something we should share!

The picture above is a actually a book that my greatgrandma had when she was in school. It's a geographic book from the early 1900 and is full of stereotypes and descriptions about people in general from each country. It's kind of funny to read, it's so unreal that they could write such stuff, but it's also very good to see that times are changing and that, despite the mediaimage of our reality, we live in a much opener and better society today, than 100 year ago.  


So this morning I didn't have to wake up early, soooo nice. I had oatmeal with homemade chiajam (Stirr together 2 tbs chiaseed with about 300 grams of mashed berries and 2 tbs stevia , put in a glasjar and keep in the refrigerator) and ofc some peanutbutter, what else? At the moment it's snowing outside, later I will go for a p-walk/run, maybe along the river. But right now I just think I will hide behind a blanket and read a book. I've had quite a hectic week so it's nice to have just a chill day. A hope you'll have one to!

Love, Amanda Kristofersson