Baby V is now 4,5 months old. Time is moving quickly. It must be about a year ago that I realized I was pregnant. The pregnancy wasn't planned so it was all very overwhelming as you might understand. But both Carido and I got very exited right away, I must recommend having a baby when you're newly in love, if you dare it, try it. I don't think you can ever plan for these kind of things, I mean, of course you can plan it but for most people there's never a perfect time in life to add kids in the picture. I think a lot of times it's better if it just happens, that's how it was for us and we couldn't be happier. Sometimes I feel as if I've been waiting for Vesper for a long time, like I've known her forever in a parallel universe and been waiting for her to arrive in this life. It sounds weird I know. I just feel like I've always had her in my life somehow.
Enough with the weirdness... Today I took my baby to "öppna förskolan" in Liljeholmen sorry if you're not swedish don't think there's an english word for this. It was a lot of fun, Vesper was probably the youngest baby but it went all right, a little noisy but it's always very interesting to meet other parents and see other babies. It's AMAZING we have things like öppna förskolan in Sweden, it's totally free and open for everyone. We're going again next week.
I'm wearing jeans from H&M and the top is from Weekday. Vesper is wearing a body from Soft Gallery and stockings from Newbie. And yes, you might have noticed, my little angel is getting bold. Let's hope it's not forever ;)

Love, Michaela Widergren