I'm now back in Umeå after spending some quality time (days) in the mountains with my family. It was really much needed, just not have to think about any schoolwork, just enjoy the view from the top and exploring new slopes. I love downhill skiing! It is the best thing with winter, it is such a nice feeling to spend a whole day outdoors. We also visited the mountainhotel in Borgafjäll where they have the cosiest fireplace to sit in front of and sipping an irish coofe after a long day of skiing.

I really miss the mountains already, the freedom and the simple way of living. I mean just the sound from the fireplace, playing boardgames and baking our own pizza in the stoneoven in our cottage. Again: it is the simple things in life that makes us happy. I'm happy to study at a university close to my familys home, being able to visit them more than once ore twice a year is something that I value very high. 

Love, Amanda Kristofersson