Throwback to when I was carrying the mot precious evening star in my belly, Vesper. My photographer friend Anna took some images of me. I can't remember what week I was in but I'm guessing something between 25-30? Maybe 28... I look pretty small. I gained 20 kilos in the end so I know these are quite "early" along. I get very nostalgic looking back at myself pregnant, it was such a special time. Don't get me wrong, it was really hard at times, but wow. You feel so unique and different, chosen or something when you're pregnant. At least I did :)
We took loads of images but this is the only one that's been edited so far. I will share the others with you later when they're ready. If you wanna have a look at Anna's photography you can check out her Instagram accounts Vargbarn and Couqettishblog.
I'm wearing Carin Wester, that no longer exists, how sad is that?

Love, Michaela Widergren