Not sure what to write this post about because I'm so freaking tired. So maybe I just want to complaint a little bit. Can't wait to sleep an entire night without interruption, can't see that happening for a while but it's my longtime wish/goal. Ok, so now when that's done... Some exiting news: Vesper and I are included in Babybjörn's new campaign. It's being shot next Thursday and Pari + Idris are also doing it! Way to go Odalisque mamas. I think it will be a lot of fun (baby loves the camera) and I'm sure the pictures will look great. Daniel Stigefelt is shooting and Natalie Olenheim is styling, she was the one who got us to go to the casting :)
Baby's wearing a body from Tao and Friends + stockings from Sprall, I'm wearing nothing special.

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