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Bohemian living in Birkastan in a small flat crowded with clothes, shoes and fashion magazines. Previous archaeologist now working my way in the fashion business. You'll  probably find me hanging out at local bars. I love wine and colorful eclectic outfits. 

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Instagram: @frktornblom

Twice a year all Swedes “have to be out in nature”. I'm referring to Midsummers Eve and Valborg. Valborg is celebrated tonight when everyone have to go out in the woods or city parks, light a fire and pretending not to freeze to death while celebrating the arrival of “spring”. To cope with this people are consuming massive amounts of alcohol. Personally I'm hiding at home, packing my bags for my trip to southern latitudes next week. When it comes to “hanging out in nature”, I prefer watching it on Discovery Channel. 

However, if you're out in a park or hiking in the woods, take care! 

Love, Karin


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