As an artist, I realize that at times we are disassociated from spirituality, the earth and the

nature that surrounds us throughout our day to day experiences. I work in minerals that are
derived from the earth, such as silver. I embrace the materials true nature while embedding
energy in its structures used for transformative healing; bridging the gap of human experience
and the metaphysical.

Each piece begins as a literary sketch or a poetic stream of consciousness derived from my
own experience; as a young black woman metalsmith born and raised in Brightmoor, known
for its blight, crime and decay. Through my painful experience I have found beauty in ruin. It's
my belief that healing can be found through aesthetics. My hand-made aesthetic objects are
wearable talismans (or jewelry) where much internal resolve can be experienced, as the artist
and the wearer.

Each piece of jewelry is a remembrance for change of perspective when we are faced with
times that we become dissociated with the essential. When I was homeless as a young girl, I
had aesthetics lubricating my bones. It was a tumultuous experience; though I encountered so
much beauty unbeknownst to the rest of the world. I would craft talismans out of found
objects, stringing feathers or wrapping stones with binding wires with regard to the faculties of
my higher self and the minerals from the earth. When I made these wearable talismans, I
concentrated completely on the thought that I would be able to withstand and endure anything
that came my way. The homelessness, the abuse and the pain that I withstood became more
like a anfractuous story of texture, patinated with experience. I began studying the aesthetics
of texture, decay, desaturation and romantic escapes of color. Before I knew it, this became
my aesthetic for creating precious metal jewels. This was healing.

As a self-taught silversmith, I bridge the gap; I have been able to take it further by not only
facilitating healing but manifesting wearable objects that act as a reminder of this process.
My total body of work evokes a healing that I associate with divinity. The silver linings have
been actualized in form with a tactility that we wear and carry with us.
The jewelry is a proclamation of beauty; that even through ruin or decay there's still beauty.

Love, Karissma Yve