6/4/17 11:28p
Writing these days seems far away. I have so much gratitude for life for being where I am. To be more than at the helm of my dreams.

I am in it.. I am living my dream.

I am tapped into my higher faculties despite the fears of the unknown and the unknowable.

There’s this feeling of loneliness sometimes and the heat of the summer is a poetic chord of this human experience.

Mouth dry, juice, water, coffee and tea.

The texture of wood and the aromatic gesture of the oud perfume that I adorn myself with. I want to build this aesthetic world with regard to its transformative abilities and it’s magic.

Sometimes I tell myself, girl you are magic. Look at where you’ve come from, look at where you’re going. One day soon, say in about 3 or 5 years, you will continue to build and build your own.

A new development that is designed with the solar system in mind, where the sun rises and sets. The breeze of the wind, the forest of salvaged wood and cast metal.

You are magic they say. You are impressive they say. You have a certain intensity in your eyes they say, that makes a man want to evaporate while questioning his own being. Asking himself, “can she see me?”, hoping that you can not.

You have friends now. You have taken your own emotional and mental health as your priority. You were hurt and abused. I will kill you, they say. Your light was too much for them.

They want to have you lynched for embracing your magic because you’re existence makes them reassess their's. But you are magic… baby girl, you are magic. Be confident in that you have the universe as more than your partner in love and in life. You are the universe. the sun and the moon and the trees that hum with the wind.

There’s no man in your life right now, not because you don’t need anyone but for once you see that you alone are capable of manifesting your desires, your healing and your human experience.

Rather than that being a responsibility to fear, this knowing is your greatest friend, ally and lover. It kisses your forehead more passionately than any one man ever could. You have been working your whole life for this and now it is here. bask in it… you still have a long, joyous journey ahead of you.

Keep manifesting and keep loving yourself + others.

Because while this is for you, there’s a greater purpose that you serve while following your dreams and each person you pass shall be forever changed for the better from your light's omniscience.

Love, Karissma Yve