Lazy bloggers are the worst and I’m certainly one of them. So starting this post to apologize about that. Here’s a little update about me and baby V (mostly baby V).
I’m actually sitting in my bed with my little baby beside me. She’s got the fever and is sleeping :( Second time now. I’m guessing it might be more teeth coming, she got two already and had a fever a couple of days before those arrived. I feel so sad for her, I know it’s not dangerous but still, she so tired and sleepy and her head probably hurts or feels weird in some way. I remember having a fever (haven’t had one in many years) and it feels something like your skull would be filled with cotton, but not in a soft way. So as you already figured out, the images are not from today but a couple of days old. Wanted to show you her cute Adidas jacket that’s a hand me down from cousin Dante.
Vesper’s wearing Adidas + Mini Rodini and I’m wearing Samsø Samsø + Adidas.

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Love, Michaela Widergren