Well, as you all know by now I have since as far as I can remember been obsessed about shoes, I have been told that even as a one year old I took strangers shoes off at the airport that I found nice. So, it has been my thing, and I really don't need another pair of shoes, really. I feel a little bad every time I crave for shoes, I have waited for a long time, ever since I saw these on my friend Fanny, to see if I still wanted them, and in the end I treated myself yesterday. I am sort of happy that I can't spend money on clothes as I used to, I don't want to either. That might also be the reason that I tend to always wear black, white or grey. I rather invest in things that I know I will wear year after year. As this outfit, I live in my own pants with this cut, together with a simple shirt. 

Tags: Nike.
Love, Mathilda Clahr