There won't be as much new garments in my outfit posts as there used to be. And for this, there are many reasons.
1. I rarely shop clothes for myself anymore. It's so much fun buying new pieces for baby V who actually needs new clothes. I don't, really.
2. I already said it. I don't really, really need new clothes.
3. The environment. The environment needs me not to buy new clothes.
4. Consumerism is taking up to much of our (we, humans) time.
With that said. It doesn't mean I can't produce new looks. I'll just have to work harder with what I've got.
5. Forgot this point. Saving money for other stuff.

Today I'm wearing an old Acne Studios shirt, Rodebjer tee and Weekday jeans, straight from my closet.

Love, Michaela Widergren


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