I finally developed 2 of my disposable cameras from a while ago, and hidden in the mix I found this gem above… Special shout out to my now 16 year old brother as of yesterday! 

The other photos from the cameras will be featured soon as a seperate post I promise!

I love disposables. I remember one of my friends would take disposables to every party and just leave them on her dinner table for people to take photos with whenever they wanted to. The result? You'll have to go to her place in Lund to find out. (Alisha if you're reading this, you've inspired me years later!)

I am currently in the South of France at my parents house, and am leaving to Bali tomorrow afternoon for a week. 

I will definitely be making posts while I'm in Bali. The best place to photograph!

And until then, SAMPAI JUMPA!

Love, Dahlia Celestina