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AHhhhhhhhrh! I almost feel like crying a tear or two since I just did a blog entry, but by misstake closed the window, and it all disappeared! Damn it. Anyway, lets do it from the beginning. I'm all about to have a varied life with different things happening, and thought this post could be about whats happening during my days and how to be able to do many things without just getting lost, because I've been there. Appp. hold on, will just make a little cappuccino before I continue. Done. Almond cappuccino 4 life <33!

You might not want to count down every singel hour each of everyday and live for the weekend, than you're like me. I want to create a life where I'm my job is my life. I don't really like to wait until things is done, and therefor I find it really hard to do things “because I have to”. I wanna see the real meaning. I do want to earn money, learn stuff, influence people and be creative, while having a flexible life, and therefor my days is looking very different. I do actually have 5 jobs, and I have not counted blogging and being a blog manager as two, and I've not counted things such as painting or writing either.

What can happen for me is that the excitement of doing so many things, is taking over, and suddenly I'm sitting doing like 7 things at the same time, and nothing of it all is getting done. NOT good. So, the reason of my jobs and thing I'm doing is ofc goals I do want to reach. Goals is first of all important set. In what direction are you striving? Do also make sure why you have those goals. If you don't know why, it's hard to stay motivated. 

Secondly I do have monthly plans in my head, and to make this part better I have to write them down from now on, and to be able to reach my month plan and get my days structured I write things down in my calendar - so this is what it looks like this week. And based on what I have to do I'm making a schedule every night for the day after what to be done. And by day I'm moving things from “to do” to “done”, and whats left on to do is there until the day after. So today in my weekly schedule looks a bit empty, but it's not. Thats the place I'm filling with not scheduled stuff. 

So, this is how I'm working. Do you like this kind of blog entrys?? 

Beside my “Todyas schedule”, you see my new inspiration-gram! Klick HERE to get there!


Love, Greta Dillén