I am sad to say, the time as come for me to say goodbye to my days as a blogger here at Odalisque.

Everything started with an interest for art, products, architecture, and design over ten years ago, also when I started my first blog, and in 2012 I started blogging here for Odalisque. It was my way of sharing things, collecting things that I liked or were inspired by. I also began to share my life as an art student when I began my journey at Konstfack. I have always been interested in keeping up with the design and art world, I think blogging helped me with that a lot. It almost worked as a force for me to learn more and know more. But, five years, almost six have now passed, I have changed, I see things differently, frankly I don't enjoy this as I used to. Some things are not that important for me any longer, and my goals have clearly changed. When I now begin my new chapter, working full-time, not being able to share what I do, I don't see the point any more. It is time to give my spot to someone else, with the passion for sharing things.

You can continue following me through Instagram, or through my website + portfolio/journal. Thank you for following me through the years! 

Love, Mathilda Clahr


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