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Woke up contemplating yesterday  - I had such a lovely day you guys! 

Zurich Thermal bath is really a cozy place, and we laughed out loud yesterday when we got reminded about the house rules. It's so cozy that they actually put up “no sex-signs” in the entrance. Jeez. Im sure we spent at least three hours in water and afterwards we had a beautiful dinner. 

Since we didn't feel sleepy at all we decided to watch a movie - Captain Fantastic - It's a must-see! I haven't seen such a great (and bizarre and beautiful) movie in a long time. I strongly recommend it. Its “Yellow-Noir” for those of you who also divide movies into colors like me. I love yellow movies, they're my favourite. 

We are leaving Switzerland for France tonight. It's time to get that working gear on and get some things done. Boy, I love the contrast. And the croissants. 

Bon Weekend tout le monde!

Picture from a shoot I did with Zurita Shanghai - (human(e), inclusive and substainable fashion).


Love, Christine Deckert