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This friday I was invited by Grand Realtions (thank you) for a breakfast with Aros Bostad regarding Ordonnansen V, a contemporary project at Gärdet.

At one of the most attractive addresses of the property, Aros Bostad, together with the architects Semrén & Månsson, develops the Ordonnansen V - a modern accommodation that embodies both the airy functionalism of the facility and its contemporary architecture.

Ordonnansen V consists of two buildings at the crossing Furusundsgatan / Värtavägen. The two houses accommodate about 130 apartments of different sizes, with large balconies and terraces that create an open view to the green courtyard.

- For us at Aros Bostad, design is about careful architecture, thoughtful form and functionality. Together with Semrén & Månsson Architects, we have developed a project that stands for this. The buildings are carefully designed and together we have created a modern and rational architecture that at the same time fits well with the unique and historical character of the property. In Ordonnansen V we offer thoughtful housing of high quality in a very attractive location close to both major cities, nature and communications. We are very proud of the project, which I think will bring the area of ​​great qualities, “says Magnus Andersson, CEO of Aros Bostad.

Since 2006, Aros Bostad has developed new housing and transformed buildings with varying history for personal housing. With a sustainable holistic view and an understanding of how modern humans want to live and live they carry out their projects. Aros Bostad presents unique concepts for each project. Through frequent collaborations with selected architectural offices, they outline the architecture and stamp it into the interior design.

At the development of Ordonnansen V, Aros Bostad and the architects agency Semrén & Månsson worked on the common vision to create an aesthetically pleasing housing project that offered functional and comfortable accommodation. Ordonnansen V consists of elegant and refined facades, beautiful wood-clad porcelain and a warm white base complemented with beige terrazzo and stainless steel details in both the kitchen and bathroom.

Living in Ordonnansen V is easy to step into the fresh air, take the bike down the town - or just stay in the quiet calm of the home. Community has been an important factor in the project where the layout of each apartment has been utilized efficiently to create a timeless accommodation with space for both gadgets and socializing. In the two houses there are also several common areas, such as a cinema for cozy movie nights during rainy evenings.

- We have defined the ordinance V as “the small saints architecture”, just like the functionalistic language and character of the Gerd. With proximity to nature, city and public transport, the situation gives the best possible conditions for a fantastic housing project. Here is every opportunity to contribute to the area with something besides the homes itself, namely a new semi-functional spot in the sun at the furusund street. Finding a shape that feels contemporary but at the same time has a clear connection to the surrounding buildings is the challenge where our leadership, shape, technology and economy shape our project, “says Jakob Örthendahl, studio manager and architect at Semrén & Månsson Architects.

Love, Tina Rydergård