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Today I get to see a friend for lunch that I haven't seen in a long time. That makes me happy. I also get to do yoga. Even if it can be 90 minutes of hot and pure torture, it makes me happy. Minus degrees are gone. I get to wear fun shoes. Happy. I can keep going but Im not gonna. 

Just stoppning by to wish you all a HAPPY day really.

Jacket: Rodebjer

Faux fur collar: Zara 

Poncho: Filippa K 

Bag: Gucci 

Necklace: Gift from aunt

Scarf: Unknown brand - I bought it in a booth at some type of expo a hundred years ago. I attended it with my mom and that whole day is a joyful memory to me. Maybe that's why I love the scarf so much.


Love, Christine Deckert