God morning from Pom & Flora, where I am and have been eating breakfast. I took their bowl called VEGAN protein bowl and changed the Soygurt to Chia pudding. Do eat soygurt? What do you think about it? I am not a pro at soygurt but every time I'm eating tofu or soygury/soy milk my belly goes not so very flat haha.. So it all came to be chia pudding with protein mix (aka different seeds, hemp, pumpkin..) banana and peanut butter, together with coffee. 

So, I have one more question, what do you say about hair and hair colors. What Suits me the best? Blond or some sort of more medium colored hair? My plan is actually to have just a little lighter than now, but not as blond as then. But what do you say! Vote on my instagram!

Love, Greta Dillén