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Ninja traveller. Seamlessly travels between Stockholm, Shanghai, Zurich and France. Late nights in the city and early morning countryside life. Fashion, beauty, reflections, portraits and inspiration.

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My apologies for short and random updates - life has been so incredibly hectic the past couple of weeks. New job, events and dinners, family and friends. I feel blessed! Blessed and tired at the same time. This weekend I had a friend here from San Fransisco/Shanghai and I got to be a tourist in my own home town for once. Good fun! We had seafood at Sturehof, (a must!) meatball tasting in Södermalm, a champagne evening at Grand Hotel and Christmas market at Skansen. I kept forgetting to take pictures so I'll show you my new little love that me-santa couldnt keep until Christmas instead. I will never regret this purchase - it makes me happy to look at. I almost want to eat it. Since it almost looks like candy. I'm more of a cake person, but still. Now I'm off to bed after a long, long day. Will try and remember to document this week a little bit better. Sleep well!


Love, Christine Deckert