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Ninja traveller. Seamlessly travels between Stockholm, Shanghai, Zurich and France. Late nights in the city and early morning countryside life. Fashion, beauty, reflections, portraits and inspiration.

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Yesterday I dressed up in my beloved reindeerhorns (no reindeerhorns no Christmas) and headed out for my last Stockholm Christmas dinner. Meatballs at Prinsen - restaurant of ancient lineage (it’s such a classic!) followed by bubbles at KB. I have officially filled my meatball quote for the holidays and whilst very content with that fact Im quite looking forward to move on to the French cuisine for the next couple of weeks.

I had too much of a lovely time to take pictures, but I do have a sloppy last minute one from the bathroom. Sorry for the constant bathroom pics guys, but that’s life you know. It’s not staged. Its bathroom snapshots, failed omelettes, missed buses. Giving a fuck. Not giving a fuck. Family, love and embarrassment. Failure, success, crazy adventures, meatballs and wonderful dinners with friends.

Just like this one.


Love, Christine Deckert